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Get Recognized with IEEE Computer Society Student Scholarships!

The Scholarship Outreach Initiative focuses on engaging a set of student volunteers in a set of short tasks to promote & improve awareness about the scholarships offered by IEEE CS. It also focuses on bringing together past Merwin Scholars and present Merwin Aspirants on a platform where the scholars can guide the aspirants by helping clear their queries and doubts while they work on their Scholarship Application. 

This is how we engage new members & past scholars!

The Scholarship Outreach Initiative has two modules providing engagement opportunities for students and Merwin scholars focusing on improving awareness about scholarships.

Scholarship Outreach Ambassador Program

focuses on involving student volunteers (relatively unacquainted about IEEE CS Scholarships) through a set of short tasks in order to promote the Student Scholarships & Awards presented by IEEE CS.

REM/UPE Helpdesk(s)

focuses on connecting current Scholarship Aspirants and former Scholars on a platform where they can serve as a guide to the aspirants by clarifying any doubts & queries they have regarding the application process.


2021 Spring REM HelpDesk Mentors

Meet Our Initiative Leads

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Likitha MR

SOI Fall 21 Lead

Vignesh M A

SOI Spring 21 Lead


I’ve been a part of IEEE & IEEE Computer Society for the last 5 years and been involved in several IEEE & IEEE CS activities, also took part in the IEEE CS SOI program twice, as a mentor and as an ambassador. As a REM Scholar & Mentor, I do really appreciate Scholarship Outreach Initiative (SOI). The program founded back in 2017 has now evolved into of the IEEE CS SYP Global Initiatives. I believe that it helped me in two ways: first, to co-ordinate and guide, as mentor & ambassador of this program, to help aspirants by conveying & sharing my experience with them and make the scholarship application process way more easier; and second, I met incredible and energetic people who want to contribute to a better world and that makes me happy, I feel at home.

Waqas Ahmad Chaudhary REM Scholar, Fall 2018 & Acting CS SYP Vice Chair (Outreach)

It is indeed great to become the first Sri Lankan undergraduate to win the Richard E Merwin Scholarship Award this year. I am incredibly thankful to everyone who supported me in the application process and in my volunteering journey. Among those to whom I am thankful, “REM Helpdesk”, the Scholarship Outreach Initiative of IEEE CS SYP, gave their fullest support from reminding the deadlines, organizing workshops to finetune our applications, to assist us in finalizing our application. Scholarships Outreach Ambassadors in Sri Lanka did a wonderful job of publicizing the scholarships in Sri Lanka among the student volunteers. My mentor from REM Helpdesk even took the time to go through the entire application to make sure that it was ready to submit. I believe the “REM Helpdesk" will assist many aspirants in the coming years to help them win this prestigious scholarship.

Chamika Sudusinghe REM Scholar, Spring 2020

Running the pilot edition of the IEEE CS Scholarship Outreach Initiative was a memorable experience. Enjoyed bringing together the REM scholars and REM aspirants under one roof. Totally glad to have started this initiative (back in 2017) to educate student members about the student scholarships offered by IEEE CS. It was a pleasure to watch the initiative grow over the years into it’s present format. Appreciate the bunch of volunteers who kept it going edition after edition! Feeling accomplished each time I hear any student member say that he/she is well aware of the IEEE CS Student Scholarships. Looking forward to seeing similar initiatives aimed to enhance awareness about the various other member benefits associated with an IEEE CS student membership. Here’s wishing the very best to all the student memebers who are applying for the scholarship in this cycle.

Megha Ben Founder, IEEE CS SOI & Chair, CS SYP