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Driving Innovation and Removing Barriers: Forrest Shull Takes the Helm as 2021 IEEE Computer Society President

Marking the 75th anniversary of the IEEE Computer Society (CS), Computer is launching this new “President’s Profile” format and has asked Megha Ben, the chair of IEEE CS’s Student and Young Professional Activities, to talk with CS President Forrest Shull about how his active volunteering experiences— including as IEEE Software’s editor in chief and a Board of Governors member—have shaped his leadership style, career, and vision for the future. Sharing his experiences and driving technical interests, he highlights his priorities for the coming year, including increasing the Society’s focus on the needs of the student and young professional members, given the key role they play in our future success.

30 October 2020—It was a Friday morning, the day before Halloween in the United States, when Forrest and Megha had their virtual conversation. Megha, based in India, prepared her questions by reflecting on her own experience as a volunteer leader in India who has served with Forrest in several capacities as well as by reading several recent messages from our most recent IEEE CS presidents. We hope you enjoy hearing more about the Society and the plans for this year, which marks our 75th anniversary.

For more information on IEEE CS activities and volunteer opportunities, please visit www.computer.org.


So, what does the CS mean to me? – To me, it’s a platform that continues to need mapping to the issues of the day: it’s working with the communities to make sure that everyone has a voice; it’s knowing where those latest hot button issues are, around which we really need to foster and improve the technology; and it’s also having an impact on people around the world.