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The YP μMentoring program focuses on accelerating professional growth & enhancing the leadership acumen of young professional members by connecting early career professionals with mid & senior career professionals in a mentee-mentor relationship.

Empowering the People who Drive Technology


Whether you’re eyeing a specific leadership role, hoping to advance your skills, or simply looking to broaden your professional network, you need to find someone who can help.

A good mentor is part diagnostician, assessing what’s going on with you now, and part guide, connecting you with the advice, ideas, people, and resources you need to grow and move ahead.

Find a mentor who can help supercharge your career through the IEEE CS YP μMentoring Program.

Mentoring is a two-way street!
If you are interested in being a better leader, strengthening your skills and enjoy helping others gain different insights and perspectives, get involved as a Mentor on the IEEE CS YP μMentoring Program!


As happens often in life, you get a better sense of what’s actually going on behind the scenes through connections and being able to talk to people. Based on my own career with IEEE Software, I never would have gotten started as a volunteer without having mentors and colleagues and friends who contributed to my own career development. The idea of mentoring is just so important for the field, and it was a wonderful experience for me.

This is an excerpt from the 2021 President’s Interview published in IEEE Computer Magazine – January 2021 edition.


Meet Our Program Leads

Federico Iuricich

Vinod Sharma